R.eaders I.mbibing P.eril XVI

The R.eaders I.mbibing P.eril challenge, otherwise known as R.I.P. takes place every September 1st through October 31st.

The purpose of the R.I.P. Challenge is to enjoy books that could be classified as Mystery, Suspense, Thriller, Dark Fantasy, Gothic, Horror, or Supernatural.

There are multiple levels of participation (Perils):

  • Peril of the Fiction – Read books of any length that fit the definition of R.I.P. literature.
  • Peril of the Short Story – Read short stories any time during the challenge.
  • Peril of the Real – Read any true tales of horror.
  • Peril of the Listen – Listen to RIP-related audiobooks, podcasts, and music.
  • Peril on the Screen – This is for those of us who like to watch suitably scary, eerie, mysterious, Gothic fare during this time of year. It may be something on the small screen or large.
  • Peril of the Group Read – During the month of October, there will be a group read of Shirley Jackson’s The Sundial.
  • Readers Imbibing Peril Bingo:

This year, I’ll be doing Peril of the Fiction, Peril of the Listen, Peril on the Screen, Peril of the Group Read, and trying to get a Bingo. I might also add in a bit of Peril of the Short Story if I decide to pick up one of the short story collections on my TBR. I’ve got a huge list of books on Goodreads for me to choose from for this event, the Something Wicked Fall challenge, the month-long FrightFall Readathon, and the 24-Hour Readathon happening in October.

Are you participating in #RIPXVI or reading any spooky reads over the next couple of months? Leave a comment!

#FrightFall Readathon!

The FrightFall readathon starts on September 1st and is running all the way through the end of October! I’m excited for that because it looks like RIP no longer exists.

There’s only one “rule” for FrightFall, and that is at least one scary book (thriller, mystery, Gothic, etc.) has to be read during the readathon.  Since that’s pretty much the only kind of books I read during this time of year, I’m good to go.

FrightFall is also a part of #SomethingWickedFall, and this year it includes a read-along of The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins. I’ve had this book on my TBR for years, so I’m looking forward to finally reading it. The focus is on Gothic fiction during September and Horror during October, so I’ve divided up my TBR stack accordingly.


  • The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins
  • Jackaby by William Ritter
  • A Free Man of Color by Barbara Hambly
  • Tales of the Peculiar by Ransom Riggs
  • Rose of Fire by Carlos Ruiz Zafon
  • The Shadowland by Elizabeth Kostova
  • The Witch of Ravensworth by George Brewer
  • Nevermoor by Jessica Townsend
  • The Grim Grotto by Lemony Snicket
  • Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman


  • Sunshine by Robin McKinley
  • A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows by Diana Gabaldon
  • That Risen Snow by Rob E. Boley
  • The Priest Hole by Amy Cross
  • From the Dust Returned by Ray Bradbury
  • The Screaming Staircase by Jonathan Stroud
  • Resthaven by Erik Therme
  • 20th Century Ghosts by Joe Hill
  • We Sold Our Souls by Grady Hendrix

Obviously, I won’t be finishing all of these books, but I want options. Lots of options. This isn’t even the complete list, which can be found HERE on Goodreads.

Are you participating in #FrightFall or #SomethingWickedFall? Leave a comment below!

Thursday's Things: October Country

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