Bookish Gift Guide 2016

Image: Stephanie Kilgast
Image: Stephanie Kilgast

It’s that time again!  The Christmas tree is up, the holiday decor has been strategically placed around my office, and the questions of what to get me this Christmas are being asked by my loved ones.  So, in the spirit of last year’s Holiday gift guide for book lovers, I’ve put together another wishlist, broken up by price point as best I could.
I am not in any way affiliated with any of the companies linked to or mentioned here, and I’m not receiving any form of compensation for clicks, sales, or this post.
Gifts $25 and Under

Gifts Under $50

And of course, my list wouldn’t be complete without including an online store that has just about everything a book lover could want: Gone Reading.

The 2015 Book Lovers Holiday Gift Guide

Image: Stephanie Kilgast
Image: Stephanie Kilgast

Several people who love me are having difficulty figuring out what to get me for Christmas.  So, I decided to do another Holiday gift guide for book lovers.  Like last year, it’s my wishlist.  Unlike last year, I have included more comic book stuff and broken up the list by price point as best I can.

I am not in any way affiliated with any of the companies linked to or mentioned here, and I’m not receiving any form of compensation for clicks, sales, or this post.

Gifts $20 and Under

Gifts Under $50

Gifts Under $100


#ShelfLove: The Best Bookish Gifts


This month, the hosts of the #ShelfLove No Book Buying Challenge want us to share the best bookish gifts we’ve given or received.  While I was thinking about the various gifts I’ve gotten over the years, I realized that, with the exception of bookstore gift cards, my family doesn’t get me bookish gifts.  The Boyfriend and his family?  They’re considerably more thoughtful when it comes to gift giving.  It’s not that I don’t appreciate bookstore gift cards.  Oh, trust me, I do. The one my Mom got me for Christmas allowed me to get The Outlandish Companion, Vol. 1 by Diana Gabaldon (and several ebooks) without going against the No Book Buying Challenge.  However, gift cards don’t require much thought.

In the almost two years the Boyfriend and I have been together (our anniversary is next month! <3), I’ve received the following thoughtful and bookish gifts from him and his family:

2015-08-13 01.00.38

This was half of my gift for our first anniversary.

2015-08-13 01.05.13

This is the second half of my anniversary gift.  Though it’s not technically bookish, it replaced a computer chair that my best friend gave me, which was by that time completely worn out and beginning to cause me quite a bit of back pain.  There’s no way I would be able to get everything done for this blog and my college classes every day without this chair.

2015-08-13 01.07.51




These are some of the stocking stuffer gifts that the Boyfriend’s Mom put in my Christmas stocking.

2015-08-13 01.10.47

This is a metal Celtic bookmark that Pete, the Boyfriend’s Mom’s husband, gave me for Christmas.  Though he didn’t know it at the time, I had been eyeing bookmarks like this for awhile, but wouldn’t buy one because they cost about as much as a paperback.  He said he got it because every time he saw me, I was always reading.

2015-08-13 01.12.52



Probably the best bookish gift I’ve ever gotten from anyone is my Kindle, which the Boyfriend got me for Christmas.  He also got me the USB power adapter, and that was the first gift from him that I opened.  You’ve never seen a girl get excited over an adapter unless you saw me when I realized it meant the other box was a Kindle.

2015-08-13 01.13.35

The second best bookish gift is this Kindle cover, which anyone who loves Doctor Who will recognize as River Song’s journal.  I have the Best.Boyfriend.Ever.2015-08-13 01.16.23

For my Birthday last year, the Boyfriend got me these beautiful editions of Grimm’s Fairy Tales and The Arabian Nights.  He got me several other books as well, but these are special for two reasons.  One, he knows I love fairy tales, and two, I rarely ever buy myself hardcover editions despite having to stop myself from drooling over how substantial and permanent they look on the shelf.  Hardcovers say, “Here’s a private book collection to be passed down to future generations.”  My budget says, “That’s at least FIVE mass market paperbacks from the used bookstore.”

Though I haven’t pictured it here, one very thoughtful gift my Dad gave me for no other reason than he knows how much I love to read, but don’t have the money to buy books.  It’s a disc full of free ebooks.  I don’t count them in my TBR because there are too many books for me to read in a lifetime.  There are also a lot of genre books on the disc that I know I’ll never read.  However, I’ve discovered quite a few books on there that are great and I likely wouldn’t have found otherwise.

My BFF and I have gotten into the habit of gifting each other with books ever since she got in a scarily bad accident and was in the hospital with far too much time on her hands.  I immediately bought a tote bag full of books to keep her mind busy and got her hooked on a new series in the process.  Now she and her husband keep an ear open to the books I wish I could buy and get them for me for Birthdays and Christmases.  The most recent one was Seraphina by Rachel Hartman.  Somehow they managed to pick up a copy right in front of me without my seeing and then gave it to me when we were out of the store.  I’m pretty sure they’re secretly ninjas.

Tuesday’s Tunes and Things #3: Winter

It’s getting closer to Christmas, but I’m not quite in the mood for Christmas music yet.  So, I’ve included my “Winter” playlist in this Tuesday’s Tunes and Things instead.  Also, since many of you might still be looking for that perfect gift or stocking stuffer (or you want to treat yourself to a little something), I’ve included a second bookish holiday gift guide (otherwise known as my wishlist part 2).

Winter Playlist

The 2014 Book Lover’s Holiday Gift Guide*

Image: Stephanie Kilgast
Image: Stephanie Kilgast

*Otherwise known as my Christmas Wish List

I am not in any way affiliated with any of the companies linked to or mentioned in this post, and I’m not receiving any form of compensation for clicks, sales of these products, or this post.

The Holiday’s are rapidly approaching, and most people have at least one person they want to get a gift for, even if it’s themselves.  I usually make my gift purchases online and well in advance, but I know a lot of people don’t, or they’re not sure what to get.  Here’s a list of unique items for the avid reader in your life because getting him or her another book store gift card says “I waited until the last minute” or “I didn’t care enough to put any thought into it.”  Either of which is BAD BAD BAD and should earn you a stocking full of coal in return.