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“Thursday’s Things” is a roundup of book-related links I’ve come across while wandering down the rabbit hole that is the internet.

I’m on a book buying ban for this year’s #ShelfLove Challenge.  The Boyfriend and I are also packing up the apartment to move across the country, so any new books I acquire have to be free and digital. Since this month’s discussion for #ShelfLove is all about where we find free books, here is a list of 20+ websites where I have gotten my book shopping fix for free:

  • The Online Books Page – There are over 2 million free books on this website, thanks to the University of Pennsylvania.
  • Read Print – Here are a few thousand more.
  • The Baen Free Library – and here are even more.
  • Bookyards – …and some more.
  • International Children’s Digital Library – Looking for free kid’s books?  Here ya go.
  • Storyline Online – How about famous actors reading children’s books aloud?  There are tons of videos on this non-profit site.
  • Library of Congress – Of course, there’s always the Digital Collection of the Library of Congress.
  • Planet eBook – Need to find that Classic you’ve been meaning to read since forever ago?  There are over 80 Classic Lit books on this site.
  • ManyBooks – This site boasts that they have over 33,000 free books.
  • Project Gutenberg – Most serious readers know about this one, but I have to list it because this is the go-to place for the Classics, and it will save your wallet if you’re a Classic literature addict or a member of The Classics Club.
  • Internet Archive – I LOVE this website!  It’s got so much more than free books, so make sure you’ve got some time to kill because you might not leave this site for a while.
  • Open Culture – This site has a ton of free downloadable media, including ebooks and audiobooks.
  • Open Library – You don’t have a library card?  First of all, shame on you!  Second, go to the Open Library and sign up for a free account.  Third, start borrowing ebooks to your heart’s content.
  • LibriVox – Free audiobooks.
  • Lit2Go – Another site for free audiobooks, but many of the books also have a free downloadable PDF.
  • Free Classic Audiobooks – in case you need yet another site for finding free downloadable audiobooks.
  • Classic Short Stories – Look through the list to find the short story you want to read, and click on it to download.
  • East of the Web – This site has short stories you can read online, but you can also click on the “Printable Version” link and then save it as a PDF.
  • Nightmare Magazine – This is a Horror and Dark Fantasy short story magazine I recently discovered.  You can read the short stories online or download the audio/podcast.
  • Storynory – This is a Children’s audiobook site that, amongst so many other kid-friendly downloads, includes Classic Children’s literature.
  • Kiddie Records – If you’re looking for children’s records from the 1940s and ’50s, this is the site to check out.  The downloads, including a Winnie the Pooh story, are all free.
  • BookBub – This is actually a website/newsletter to find out about the free (and on sale) books being offered under the genres you’re interested in by major booksellers like Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  I’ve discovered quite a few free books that I felt were worth downloading, but be careful since there is the temptation of .99 books.

Thursday's Things – Free Books Edition

“Thursday’s Things” is a roundup of book-related links I’ve come across while wandering down the rabbit hole that is the internet.
I’m on a book buying ban for the next month or so.  The Boyfriend and I might be moving to San Fransisco, and if we do, the square footage of where we end up living is bound to be tiny in comparison to our current apartment.  So, not only do I need to save money for moving expenses, but I need to save as much precious physical space as possible.  However, no one said I can’t “shop” for ebooks without spending any money!  Here is a list of 10 places we can all get our fix for free:

Bout of Books 12: Update 4

Bout of Books

For all Bout of Books 12 information and updates, visit the Bout of Books blog.

*Due to Bout of Books, I’ve decided not to do Friday’s Fairy Tales this week, and I’ll also wait until next week to write up my reviews.  However, I’ve got an author interview scheduled for tomorrow, so be on the look out for that!

My Goals

  • finish off the books I’m currently reading. – I’ve finished the books I was reading before Bout of Books 12 started.
  • Read at least one new book off of my TBR shelf.  Onyx Webb was one of the books on my TBR.
  • Finish at least 3 1 book. – I only have one book left to read to reach my goal of 3 books.

Books Read

Pages Read

34.  I’m not going to finish Feast of Fates by Christian A. Brown.  I read another chapter, and found myself feeling so angry and betrayed that I just couldn’t continue.  I’ll post a DNF review sometime next week.  I love The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell, so far, but there were a couple paragraphs towards the end of chapter 12 that put me in such a philosophically thoughtful mood that I couldn’t continue reading until I had gone off to do some productive things that still allowed my mind to do its ramblings.  I treasure books that do that to me, but I can’t have that during a read-a-thon 😉  So, I decided to start The Kingdom Lights by Steven V.S., but I didn’t get very far before The Boyfriend was home and we had Date Night (We finally went to see Battle of the Five Armies.)

Mini-Challenges Completed

I didn’t participate in the mini-challenge yesterday.