Dewey’s 24-Hour #ReverseReadathon: Wrap-Up

We’ve made it through the Dewey’s 24-Hour #ReverseReadathon!

  • Total Pages Read: 494
  1. How would you assess your reading overall? I didn’t read a whole lot (about the same as the last Reverse Readathon) but I did get about three quarters of the way through The Dante Club by Matthew Pearl, and a little more than halfway through This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab. I’m probably going to finish The Dante Club before I go to bed tonight.
  2. Did you have a stategy, and if so, did you stick to it? Nope.  I winged it.
  3. What was your favorite snack? Frozen raspberries with half & half.
  4. Wanna volunteer for our next event? Maybe….

I’m really looking forward to the next readathon in October, especially since I’m already in the mood for darker stories.

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