#FitReaders Check-In

  • This check-in is for July 1st – 7th.
  • What was supposed to be a weekend that was as relaxing and low-key as possible turned into me taking care of the boyfriend who got really sick, dealing with the neighbors’ fireworks until after 2 am every night, and then getting really sick myself.
  • I finally was back to normal enough to go to work yesterday, but other than that, I have been in bed, eating soup and crackers, and drinking 7UP and watered-down Gatorade.
  • If you have a FitBit, you can find me HERE.
  • Active Days: 0/5
  • Steps: 9,024
  • Miles: 6.18/19.25
  • Total Miles: 392.72/1,000
  • Active Minutes: 10/150

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