#FitReaders Check-In


  • This check-in is for February 3rd – 9th.
  • I’ve completed 1 FitBit Adventure this week.
  • Last week had nothing on this week.  I didn’t exercise at all, and the only thing keeping me sane is my daily meditation practice with #Commit2Sit.
  • If you have a FitBit, you can find me HERE.
  • Steps: 23,678/70,000
  • Miles: 8.34/35
  • Total Miles: 64.96/1779
  • Active Minutes: 32/210
  • Days I Drank 64 ounces of Water: 4/7
  • Virtual 5Ks: 0/10
  • Total Money Donated: $0.95/$30.00

0 thoughts on “#FitReaders Check-In

        1. In my health and fitness group, I was taught to find my calorie “sweet spot” based on how active I am and my current weight. I’m moderately active and when I started the program I was about 200 lbs, so my daily calorie limit is between 1,500 and 1,800 depending on whether or not I exercise. Maybe you could try something like that instead of focusing on how many calories you’ve supposedly burned?

          1. That’s what I was doing. I’m down to 165 or so, so in theory I should have been in the right calorie spot (1450-1700 or so). I get a lot of steps but my intensity is rather low. So I was assuming my Fitbit was overestimating seriously. My body is telling me otherwise though.

          2. Ah, I see. Does your FitBit have a heart rate monitor built-in? If it does, it’s fairly accurate. If not, I would try sticking with the calorie range regardless of what your FitBit is saying you’re burning and adjust from there. I hope you’re able to get it straightened out; I know how horrible feeling weak and tired all the time can be.

      1. Erin: There have been a number of complaints that Fitbit does overestimate calories burned for some people. I actually use the Lose It app for my daily caloric intake monitoring. It’s based more on current weight, weight loss goal, and body type. What I like is you can fiddle with the daily calorie allotment to better suit your body type. For example, if you have a slower than normal metabolism, you can adjust the calories by lowering the total caloric intake by a specific amount.

    1. A little bit of both. I’m still adjusting to my medications and I found out I’m anemic and vitamin D deficient. On top of that, my car broke down again and I had to work mandatory overtime. I knew I should try to exercise to help with the stress, but I was just too tired mentally and physically.

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