Bout of Books 12 Wrap Up

Bout of Books

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My Goals

  • finish off the books I’m currently reading. – I’ve finished the books I was reading before Bout of Books 12 started.
  • Read at least one new book off of my TBR shelf.  Onyx Webb and The Kingdom Lights were books on my TBR.
  • Finish at least 3 books. – Done, done, and done!

This is the first Bout of Books that I’ve met all of my goals! 🙂

Books Read

Total Pages Read

827.  I think I may have figured up my total pages wrong.  Either that, or I figured up my daily totals wrong.  I don’t know which, and I’m still having some difficulty getting used to the Kindle only showing percentages instead of pages.  Regardless, this has been the best Bout of Books for me so far.  I got most of the way through Walking the Labyrinth by Lisa Goldstein, despite running errands and doing laundry.  3 books + 89% of another book is really good as far as I’m concerned.  At the very least, this Bout of Books allowed me to cut down on my TBR review books and get ahead of schedule.

Mini-Challenges Completed

I only participated in 1 mini-challenge, but I also joined in on a twitter chat, which I had never done before.

0 thoughts on “Bout of Books 12 Wrap Up

  1. Those are some awesome totals!

    As for Kindle book pages, I think there’s a way to change it, if you go to the menu and click “Reading Progress.” You should be able to pick how it shows your progress (e.g., percentage, minutes left, page #s). Hope this helps, and glad you had such a successful BoB! I met all my goals, too. 🙂

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