What I’m Reading Monday #15

Currently Reading: Cold Hillside by Nancy Baker, a review book, Villette by Charlotte Brontë, what I’m reading for The Classics Club, The Hobbit and Philosophy, what I’m reading for fun, and Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott, for the read-along.

Cold  Villette1.52.qxd

Hobbit Philosophy   Ivanhoe

Total pages read for the week: 252

Total number of books for the year: 57.  It was another week in which I wasn’t able to get much reading done.  This time, it’s due to studying for Finals, spending time with friends that I won’t see again until next semester, getting a kitten, and the boyfriend and I kitty-proofing our apartment.  So, after I get through the Finals I have today and Wednesday, I’m hoping to get a lot more reading done.  I’ve already had to push back a couple of my reviews, and I really want to get caught up on those as well as finish my current reads before the end of the year.

What are you reading?

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    1. Actually, I’m an International Relations major. By time I realized I really didn’t want to do anything but write, I was already too close to completing my degree to change majors. I’m hoping to go to Grad school for Library Science and Information Technology though 🙂

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