Tuesday’s Tunes: Literary Valentines

It’s been several months since I last did a “Tuesday’s Tunes.”  Since this is the one month of the year when everyone is supposed to be sappy and romantic or the complete opposite, or celebrating Galentine’s, I’ve put together a playlist of love-related songs mentioned in books or on the soundtracks of movie adaptations.  The only exception is “Where You Lead”, the theme song to Gilmore Girls.  However, Rory was a true book addict, so I consider the song to be just as much a “Literary Valentine” as the others.  There’s something to listen to, no matter your feelings about Cupid, relationships, or those chalky heart-shaped candies.

Literary Valentines

Bonus Life Hack: If you’re a chocoholic like me, wait until the day after Valentine’s Day to hit the stores and stock up on enough clearance chocolate to last until Easter.

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