Sunday’s Sundries: One Year Blogiversary!

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Yesterday, April 4th, was my 1st blogiversary.  It’s hard to believe that a blog I started so I could participate in a read-a-thon has turned into a blog that has so much more than read-a-thon updates.  I really had no plan.  All I knew was that I wanted a way, other than Goodreads or Facebook, to get socially involved in an activity that, up to that point, had been a solo venture.  However, someone read one of my updates and was interested in what I had to say about a book I was reading.  In the spirit of socializing, I wrote a review for that book, and then I realized how much I enjoyed writing about what I had read.

After that, I started learning more about the book blogging community, as well as how to improve my blog.  I liked the idea that people were reading what I had to say.  I was also a little surprised.  There are so many book blogs out there to choose from, so I’m grateful for every single one of my readers, and I want to continue giving you what you come here to see.  I’m constantly thinking about or writing new content that I think most of you would be interested in, and that hasn’t been easy with all the day to day stuff I have to do outside of blogging.

Any of you who have read my “Monday’s Minutes” posts know that I’m a full-time student with only a couple semesters left to go before I graduate.  Senior courses are the most difficult and matter the most when it comes to grad school, but they’re at a time when the average student just wants it all to be over with already.  I’m not the average student, but I’m still ready to move on with my life.  I want to be making real money again, and have a job that I’m happy about going to on most days, if not every day.  I still want to go to grad school, but I need a couple years to breath before I take another plunge into the world of academia.

With all of that being said, I’m going to do the best I can to keep this blog going.  The rest of this year is going to be tough.  I’m taking courses over the Summer, looking for a part-time job to get me through to graduation, and I’ll be spending the Fall semester looking for a full-time job for after I graduate.  However, no matter how busy I get, I will write and publish at least one post every week, even if it’s just to check in with all of you and tell you how swamped I am, and I had no time to read, and OMG I’m going insane.  I hope it won’t ever get that bad.

To help me keep this blog filled with content you want, I’m working on a survey that will hopefully be up within the next week, and I’m open to any ideas or suggestions you have.  Feel free to comment below, or send me a message through the Contact the Reading Wench page.

0 thoughts on “Sunday’s Sundries: One Year Blogiversary!

  1. Happiest of blogiversaries to you, Rachelle! Here’s to many, many more. 🙂

    As another blogger told me once, the great thing about making blogger friends is that we understand if sometimes you just go radio silence for a bit. All of our lives get in the way sometimes! I know that the final push for a degree can be really rough, and just know we’re happy to wait it out until you have time to return. 🙂

  2. Happy blogoversary!! I love hearing how people got started – the stories are always so different! Good luck balancing the blog and real life as things get more intense and just remember its your space, no pressure! Congrats again!

  3. Happy blogoversary lady 🙂 Good luck with school! Definitely understandable if you don’t have much to post.

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