On Food and Books Mini-Challenge

From A Girl That Likes Books:

Make a post where you will share your best “book-inspired” recipe and explain its origin, inspiration, etc. Be as original as you want; as whimsical as you feel.

Mine is Bee’s Bread, inspired by the description of Bee’s Bread in the book The City of Dreaming Books by Walter Moers, one of my all time favorites.

Dreaming Books

Bee’s Bread

1 thick slice of crusty bread


Almond Slivers (these are the “bees”, which are said to taste kind of like almonds in the book.)


Lightly toast and then butter the bread, sprinkle on the almond slivers and then drizzle honey over the the almonds.  Eat while it’s still warm, but it’s still tasty after it’s cooled down a bit.

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