I’m Back!…Sort of…

I just wanted to post this quick message that my laptop is mostly back in working order.  The Boyfriend and I also moved into our new apartment, and most of the boxes have been unpacked.  My new home isn’t perfect yet, and neither is my laptop.  So while I’ll begin posting my Monday Minutes and #FitReaders posts again soon, I’m not ready to get back into the full swing of things quite yet.  Besides finding new homes for the random objects I’ve been taking out of the few remaining boxes, and downloading and installing the kajillion updates for my laptop, I’m also dealing with a bit of a stomach bug.  Either that or there was something wrong with last night’s dinner.  Regardless, I’m taking it easy.

3 thoughts on “I’m Back!…Sort of…

  1. I’m glad your laptop was fixable (even if it isn’t perfect!)- I ended up convincing my mom to just buy a new one when hers up and quit and I couldn’t fix it. Hers was trouble to begin with, though. It’s definitely a good idea to take it easy (as evidenced by the brace on my wrist as I type this). I’m glad you’re back (even in a kinda sorta way)!
    ~Litha Nelle

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