#FitReaders Check-In

  • This check-in is for November 4th – 10th.
  • The Texas Book Festival was over the weekend.  I was only able to go on Saturday, but, WOW, did I get a lot of steps racked up!  I walked over 12K steps, and I definitely felt it the next day.
  • I’m having a really difficult time getting my butt out of bed early enough to get a workout in, shower, and make it to work on time.  If you have any ideas to help me get motivated, please share them in the comments.
  • If you have a FitBit, you can find me HERE.
  • Steps: 32,617/49,000
  • Miles: 11.76/17.5
  • Active Minutes: 162/150
  • Days I Tracked My Food: 2/7
  • Days I Drank 64 ounces of Water: 1/7
  • Total Money Donated: $24.20/$25.00

0 thoughts on “#FitReaders Check-In

  1. That sounds so cool, I wish we had things like book festivals around here. I don’t usually workout in the mornings on work days. I’ll workout when I get home, it helps me relieve the daily stress and relaxes me so I focus on my family. This does have it’s set backs when I’m too tired from working to workout, but I just listen to my body. On my days off I have been getting up early to workout, but with the time change I can’t sleep past 6am anyway so it’s not a big deal. Sorry I’m rambling, best advice I can give is sleep in your workout clothes. I do this on the weekends so I can’t use the excuse of changing from pjs to workout gear as a reason not to workout. It’s working so far. Good Luck!!

  2. Book festivals and cons are great ways to get steps in! Wish I could attend more.
    I am not a morning workout person, so I can’t help you with advice. Can you break up your work out? Do part in the morning and part in the evening? I can always text you every morning. HAHA! Good luck!

    1. The way my schedule is set up for the foreseeable future (to match the Boyfriend’s), the only time I’ve got is in the morning. It’s funny because I have no problem getting up early on the weekends, thanks to my cat, but he doesn’t insist on me getting out of bed during the week, LOL.

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