#FitReaders Check-In

  • This check-in is for June 26th – July 2nd.
  • I’m less than 100 miles from finishing the Appalachian Trail on Walking 4 Fun.  It’s taken me over 3 years to get to this point, but I’m still looking forward to reaching Mount Katahdin, and then starting a new virtual trail.
  • My stats are still increasing each week.  I increased my step count by a little more than 2K, and added on nearly an hour’s worth of active minutes!  I’m going to try to get my steps to 40K and my active minutes to 300 this week.
  • If you have a FitBit, you can find me HERE.
  • Active Days: 7/7
  • Steps: 36,212
  • Miles: 14.92
  • Total Miles: 276.51
  • Active Minutes: 270

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