#FitReader Challenge: Weekly Check-In #1

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This check in is for Jan.1st – 4th.  My goal for this week was 1K steps per day, and since I hit that goal, I’ll be working towards 2K steps per day from Jan. 5th – 11th.  Every week that I reach my goal, I will add 1K steps until I’m completing 12K steps per day.  After that I’ll add in resistance training and/or jogging, depending on how my knees are doing.  The Boyfriend and I are also going to start going to Hot Yoga classes, and I’ll be participating in FitBit challenges (If you’d like to add me as a friend you can find me HERE.)  I’m following a clean eating “diet”, but I’m not logging what I eat, and because weight has many more factors to consider than just height, I won’t be publicly tracking my calories or weight.
  • Total Steps: 21,116
  • Total Distance: 8.6 miles
  • Total Floors Climbed: 8