Dewey’s 24-Hour #Readathon – Final Update

Dewey's Readathon_Pocketwatch_Bellezza

I’ve survived another Dewey’s 24-Hour Readathon!

  • Total Pages Read: 921

Closing Survey

  1. How would you assess your reading overall? I did really well during this readathon
  2. Did you have a strategy, and if so, did you stick to it? My strategy was to stick to mostly Middle-Grade Fiction, which I did, and it worked wonderfully.
  3. What was your favorite snack? The chocolate chip and sea salt cookie I got from Peet’s.
  4. Wanna volunteer for our next event? Perhaps….

I’m off to bed now. I don’t know how I stayed awake the entire 24 hours, but I think I should stick to my Middle-Grade Fiction strategy.

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