#COYER 2024 – Unwind

It’s been several years since I’ve participated in #COYER, hosted by Berls, Michelle, Lillian, and Stephanie, but I have so many ebooks I’ve been neglecting in favor of trying to get my physical TBR under control, that I’m going to join in this annual reading challenge once again.

I’m not going to repeat all of the rules since they can be found at the #COYER link above, but the basics are that there are four chapters for the reading challenge portion and four semesters for the community challenge portion. While I’ll participate in the community challenge as I can (which will include some readathons and other activities), my focus will be the reading challenge.

  • Chapter 1 will run from January to March and will return to the strict rules for Winter.
  • Chapter 2 will run from April to June and the rules will be a little looser (including physical books).
  • Chapter 3 will run from July to September and the rules? What rules?!
  • Chapter 4 will run from October to December and the rules will be like in the Spring.

Since #COYER Winter only includes free or nearly free ebooks and audiobooks that aren’t library books, borrowed books, or included in Kindle Unlimited, Amazon Prime, or the Audible Plus Catalog, I’ve added the books from my TBR that count to a new COYER bookshelf on GoodReads. I’ll pull from these throughout the year, and read other books when they count during the other Chapters.

Will you be participating in #COYER? Let me know in the comments!