Bout of Books Update for Day #3


Due to everything that was going on yesterday, I wasn’t able to get any reading done.  I was able to get everything at work straightened out, and things have improved greatly, despite an accident I had.  I fell and got hurt badly enough that I’m not able to work today.  I’m still looking for another job, though.  I’m exhausted, both physically and mentally, and the amount and difficulty of the work really isn’t worth the pay.  It’s not that I have a 3D job (dangerous, dirty, or demeaning), even though from what I’ve just written it might seem that way, but I have some difficult criteria to meet everyday and trying to do that has caused me a ridiculous amount of stress along with feeling wiped out by the end of my shift.

Anyway, since I’m stuck on the couch today, I’m dedicating my time to reading.  I should have a much better update tomorrow!

Books Read: None

Books Finished: None

Pages Read: None

Total Pages Read: 70

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