Lit-Cube Unboxing: Perfect Penpals

2016-01-23 16.33.01

This, unfortunately, will be my last Lit-Cube unboxing for awhile, at least until I’ve got a full-time job.  As soon as I’m working full-time, though, I’ll be using my new lunch bag 🙂

  • Exclusive “A good book, a close friend, and an impromptu picnic.  What could be better?” Insulated Lunch Bag – valued at $11.99
  • Nourish Snacks Gluten and Dairy Free, Non-GMO, Vegetarian “Miss Popular” Dark Chocolate Half-Popped Corn Kernels – valued at $1.99
  • Stationary Set – valued at $10.99
  • “Bonafide Bibliophile” Lit-Cube Pen – valued at $2.00
  • Driving with the Top Down by Beth Harbison – valued at $15.99

I don’t know if I’ll like this month’s book selection, but it looks like the perfect Summer read, so I’ll hold onto it at least until then.  The Nourish Snacks look delicious, and I love half-popped popcorn kernels, so I’m looking forward to trying them.  Though I’ve already got a million pens, I realized I don’t have any book-related writing tools…until now, and what’s even better?  Like the lunch bag, it’s purple, my favorite color!  One thing I’m not so happy about is that there wasn’t any additional book swag or QR codes for free ebooks like there was in the past two boxes, but overall it’s still more than worth the subscription cost.

February’s theme is “Classic Romance,” and there are still four days left to order.  If only I had the money…

Lit-Cube Unboxing: You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch!

2015-12-18 13.50.09

This was another great box from LitCube.  While I’m looking forward to reading The Humbug Murders, I know I’ll never read the two-in-one Romance novel, so I included it in a Christmas gift to someone I thought might enjoy it.  My favorite item so far is the shirt, which I wore on Christmas day.  Now that I’m back home from visiting with the Boyfriend’s family, I plan on trying out the soap.

  • “You’re A Mean One” Grinch Long-Sleeve T-Shirt
  • Frosting Spatula
  • “Book Nerd” Christmas Ornament
  • “Lump of Coal” Peppermint Soap with a 20% Coupon Code
  • Mini Candy Cane
  • The Christmas Cottage and Ever After by Samantha Chase
  • The Humbug Murders by L.J. Oliver
  • QR Code for A Titan For Christmas by Aria Kane

2015-12-21 13.55.38

January’s theme is “Perfect Penpals.”  I’m interested to see just what will be in the box since every box now includes a wearable item and a snack in addition to other items and books.  If you’re interested in trying out LitCube, there are five days left to order the box for January.  Also, I got a discount code in my email that gives 10% off one box: NEWYEAR10 🙂  Happy New Year!


Sunday’s Sundries: Lit-Cube Unboxing

2015-11-28 12.54.38

I’ve been a subscriber of Book Riot’s Quarterly box since it started, but I’ve been feeling like the quality of each box has slowly declined.  So when I found out about Lit-Cube, a monthly subscription box, I decided to try it out.  I recently cancelled a monthly music subscription, and after deducting the amount I had been spending on that, what I’d be paying for Lit-Cube would be about the same as what I was shelling out for Book Riot’s Quarterly boxes ($55, four times a year).  I would also be getting more for my buck.  However, if I hadn’t cancelled that other subscription, I wouldn’t have subscribed to Lit-Cube, since it’s $34.98 a month, and I couldn’t afford that and the other sub.  To be fair, from what I’ve seen, that’s about average for monthly subscription boxes.

Every Lit-Cube box is put together around a theme.  Book Riot’s Quarterly box does the same, but the difference is that Lit-Cube’s themes are considerably more fun.  You’re not going to get Literary Fiction with Lit-Cube, so if that’s what you’re looking for, stick with Book Riot.  For this month, Lit-Cube’s theme was titled “Immortal Kiss”.  Yep, that’s right, vampires!  I don’t think Lit-Cube could have picked a better theme for the month I decided to give it a try, since, while I love all things vampire, I’m a bit picky too.  Here is what was included in this month’s box:

2015-11-28 12.57.55

  • Hardcover Edition of Tentyrian Legacy by Elise Waters ($19.99)
  • “Only Dracula Can Truly Love You Forever…” Lit-Cube Exclusive Lined Journal ($9.99)
  • Cotton and Silk “Holiday Skulls” Infinity Scarf ($9.99)
  • Lippincott Soap Company “Bite Me” Black Cherry Lip Balm ($9.99)
  • 5×7 Dracula-Inspired Water Color Print ($6.99)
  • Book Swag including a “Time Warper” series Pocket Mirror, a Ball-Point Pen that looks like a syringe, an Erin Hayes Autographed Bookmark, and QR Coded Bookmarks for other free and discounted ebooks.

Even if I don’t end up liking the books (I haven’t read them yet), all the other stuff makes this vampire-themed box worth the money I paid for it.  December’s theme is “You’re a Mean One, Grinch.”  I’m looking forward to it 🙂

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