Library Discovery

Summer Library Challenge

I haven’t discovered anything new about my library this week that I haven’t already written about.  I did, however, recently start reading The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley, and that got me interested in the truth behind the legend of Arthur.  So I made use of the library’s virtual section and downloaded a book on the subject.

I wish I had more to write about my library, but I just don’t.  That’s a little bit disappointing since I thought that surely the public library in a large city like Austin would have more to offer.  I know they probably don’t have the kind of money that my university has, so I really can’t compare the two libraries, but I’m really missing my school’s library right now.  Luckily the Fall semester isn’t too far away and that will justify making the hour drive.  I also have access to their e-books without driving, so at least there’s that.

Library Social

Summer Library Challenge

I checked Facebook for the Austin Public Library, and sure enough they have a page.  While looking at a few of the most recent posts, I learned something new: in addition to e-books, digital comic books and graphic novels are also available!

I don’t currently have Twitter simply because I find it to be a gigantic rabbit hole to nowhere satisfying.  I wouldn’t even be on Facebook anymore if it weren’t for the ability to create interest lists so that I never have to use the News Feed.

I also checked Youtube, but there were only a few videos and none of them looked even remotely interesting.  At least there is the decent, frequently updated Facebook page.

Summer Library Challenge Survey

Summer Library Challenge

Library Survey

1. What’s the name of your library and how close is it to where you live?

     Austin Public Library.  The closest branch to where I live is about 3 miles away.

2. How frequently do you go to the library?

     Today was my first visit since I moved to Austin.

3. What is the first section you normally go to when you get to the library?

     Usually, in any library, I go straight for whichever section has the book(s) I looked up beforehand.  That’s usually Fiction.

4. Share a link to your library’s web page. How often do you use it and what for?

     Austin Public Library

     So far, I’ve only used this website to look up the address of the nearest branch, but typically I use a library’s website to search for the books I want to read before I head out to the library.

5. Does your library have a summer reading program for your age group? Do you participate and why or why not?

     Yes!  I was a bit surprised to find out there is a Summer Reading Program for Adults.  It started June 1st, and runs until the end of August, and for every five books I read, I can enter to win prizes.  I will be participating.

6. What is one thing you can think of that would make your library better?

     The hours they’re open.  Every branch is closed two days a week, and at least two other days of the week it’s only open for a few hours.

7. What programs have you attended or thought of attending at your library?

     I considered joining one of the many book clubs, but none of them grabbed my interest.  The majority of the other programs are either for kids or writers.

8. What is the best thing about your library?

     The “Virtual Library”, the library’s downloadable materials section.  Since the hours are limited, I’ll probably be “checking out” more e-books than physical books from the local branch.