Sunday’s Sundries: Harry Potter

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Last year, I posted that I was going to re-read the Harry Potter series after I learned about Hogwarts Online.  I read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and completed most of my First Year classes at Hogwarts, but life intervened as it always does, and I never got back to the world of Harry Potter…until now.

I found out on Thursday that Bloomsbury announced the next Harry Potter Book Night.  It will be on February 4th, 2016.  To “prepare”, I’ve decided that I’m going to finish re-reading the series by reading one book a month starting in July.  That means I’ll finish Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows in January.  Since I’ve already read the first book, I’ve got a small breather in my already jam-packed schedule.

Instead of doing a read-along and review for each book, I’m thinking of doing a series of discussion questions at the end of each month, and perhaps throw in an “Easter egg” or bit of trivia.  Regardless, I’ll only be posting one Harry Potter related thing a month since I realize that not everyone is a fan of the series (I’m looking at you Boyfriend).

I won’t be doing a link up just yet, but if you’d like to join me, leave a comment with a link to your blog, Goodreads, Facebook, or Twitter.  Each month, you’ll have the opportunity to link up your Harry Potter related posts, and I’ll do my best to mention one, several, or all of them in the following months’ posts.  Who knows, by February 4th I might be able to do a giveaway for participants.

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    1. Harry Potter Book Night is an international event that bookstores and individual HP fans take part in. I’ll be doing something on my blog and/or Twitter, but I haven’t worked out all the details yet. I’d be happy to have you join in on whatever I end up doing, if you’d like. It’s not until February, so there’s plenty of time to put everything together.

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