#ShelfLove – End of the Year Wrap-Up


The Show Your Shelves Some Love Challenge is over, and unfortunately, it will not be returning in 2018.
As far as goals go, I sort of bombed the challenge.  While I read far more than 51 books from my TBR, I bought just as many physical books.  I was only supposed to buy one physical book and only use the money I got from selling books to purchase ebooks.  I also only participated in a couple of the monthly discussions.

At the beginning of the year, I determined that I had 293 unread books sitting on my shelves or in my Kindle and Nook.  While I knew that wasn’t all of them because I hadn’t scanned all of my books into Goodreads yet, I was way off from the actual number.  One of my projects for this year was to update my TBR shelf on Goodreads, and I did finally get around to doing that.  The total number of unread books I own is a whopping 553!!!  That is after finishing 101 books this year and 5 that I’m currently reading.

Since there won’t be a #ShelfLove challenge next year, I’m probably going to find another TBR challenge of some kind to help me whittle down that ridiculous number.  I’ll also continue to participate in Down the TBR Hole.  So, if you know of any TBR challenges that aren’t too complicated, leave me a link in the comments!
And, in case you’re interested, click on the pic below to see my “Year in Books” on Goodreads: