Review: The Merchant Adventurer


  • Author: Patrick E. McLean
  • ISBN: 9781492973522
  • Genre: Fantasy

The above ISBN is for the paperback edition, but I listened to the free audio version from

I had so much fun listening to The Merchant Adventurer during my commute to and from school!  The story itself is light, comedic, and a bit satirical in a way that is very similar to The Princess Bride by William Goldman.  In fact, that comparison is mentioned in the synopsis on Goodreads, and it’s one of the reasons I chose to give this book a chance.  The other is that it has a 100% positive rating on

Patrick E. McLean does a fantastic job of narrating the audio.  All of his characters’ voices and the characters themselves were easily distinguishable from one another.  My favorite voice is that of Dimsbury’s, the evil snob of a wizard, but my favorite character is the smart-ass merchant Boltac.  He reminds me of what Miracle Max might have been like in his slightly younger days.

This book is going on my Through the Magic Door list.  It’s that awesome.  I’m also looking forward to listening to Patrick E. McLean’s other books on, which all have 94% or higher positive ratings.  For more information and some extras, like a nifty and hilarious infographic written by Boltac, you can also check out the author’s website.  I highly recommend The Merchant Adventurer to anyone who loves The Princess Bride, comedic Fantasy, or just a good adventure story!