#FitReaders Check-In

  • This check-in is for June 2nd – 8th.
  • Other than the mood and anxiety issues, things are getting better. My face has mostly cleared up, I’m sleeping a bit better, and I discovered that spicy foods are a common trigger for night sweats, so I’ve stopped eating anything spicy for dinner to see if that helps.
  • Since body composition is a much better indicator of overall health than weight or BMI, I splurged on a new scale that measures all that. The at-home scales aren’t as accurate as the professional ones found in some gyms and other places, but they’re much more reasonably priced (a one-time cost versus around $100 each time at the gym) and it doesn’t require me going anywhere or making an appointment.
  • My first time on the new scale showed me some things I already knew but also showed me a couple of measurements that made me happy (my muscle mass for example). The important thing is now I have solid numbers that I can track over time to see how the changes I’m making in my diet and exercise are affecting my body.
  • If you have a Fitbit, you can find me HERE.
  • Active Days: 3/5
  • Steps: 47.689
  • Miles: 19.30/15.34
  • Miles Outside: 11.65/100
  • Total Miles: 349.30/800
  • Active Minutes: 104/150

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