Armchair BEA: Top Five Book Adaptations I’m Looking Forward To

Armchair BEA
Image: Amber Ostheimer
Today at Armchair BEA, we’re talking about book adaptations.  Here are the Top Five book adaptations I’m looking forward to:
  • The Magicians – I haven’t read the books so I can’t judge if the trailer depicts a show that is anything like them.  However, I’ve had The Magicians by Lev Grossman on my TBR for over a year, and I will be reading it before the show airs.
  • Outlander – Yes, I know, this one is already out, and the 1st season has just wrapped up.  However, I’ve only seen the 1st episode that was aired for free on the internet.  Once the entire season is out on DVD for a reasonable price (so probably around Christmas), I’ll finally get to watch it.
  • Game of Thrones – Also already out, and several seasons have already aired.  The prices of the DVDs are ridiculous.  I’ve seen the 1st three seasons, and I’ve been avoiding spoilers ever since.  1) I know the TV show deviates from the books a bit and 2) I’ve only read the 1st book of the series.
  • Mr. Holmes – This isn’t a “true” adaptation but more of a re-telling.  However, it still looks amazing, and Ian McKellen is awesome in everything he does.
  • A.K.A. Jessica Jones – This is a comic book adaptation that 1) has a lead woman for once and 2) will have David Tennant.  Also, it will be on Netflix, and the Boyfriend and I loved Daredevil, so I’m excited to see more Marvel/Netflix creations.

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