Annoucement: Recent Changes!

Mar 1985

This has been in the works for a couple months, but I finally went and bought a new domain,  While my old domain ( is still active, and will still get you to the blog for awhile, please update your bookmarks.

I’m also in the process of changing the design of my blog, and updating my various social media accounts, but my logo (as seen above) is staying the same.  I will also be providing the same kind of content you’ve come to expect from me.  This is still primarily a Fantasy genre blog since my reading tastes have yet to change.

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Why am I making these changes?  There is a Romance author who has been mistakenly tagging me as the reviewer of some of her books.  That has led to a flood of other Romance authors sending me review requests without checking to see that I am not, in fact, a Romance reviewer, I’m not the blogger they all seem to be confusing me with, and they’re not even reading my review policy.  While I have no problem with her, her blog, or the Romance genre, in general, I’m tired of being associated with all of that, and I’m sick of the spam.  To me, it’s not about who owns the domain.  It’s about my blog’s image and my image as a book reviewer.

2 thoughts on “Annoucement: Recent Changes!

  1. Yeah, I was wondering what blog “Fortified by Books” was- I almost assumed an older blog had been resurrected. I don’t blame you for wanting to change the title if you’re getting spam/requests like that- I guess I’d hope authors would glance at my review policy before asking for a review.
    ~Litha Nelle

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