24in48 Update #5

Another challenge from Rachel over at A Home Between the Pages:

“What I’d like you to do is find the best first line from all the books you’ve read for the readathon, and post it or a photo of it in the comments, along with the name of the book and the author.”

My best first line is from A Passion For Books, edited by Harold Rabinowitz and Rob Kaplan, from the very first selection in the book “In A Second Hand Bookshop”, by Christopher Morley:

“What waits me on the shelves?  I cannot guess,/But feel the sure foreboding; there will cry/A voice of human laughter and distress,/A word that no one needs as much as I.”

2014-04-06 17.17.26

There is no way I’m going to reach the 24 hours goal, but if I keep reading up until midnight, I’ll get about 22 and a half hours, and I consider that good enough.  I will at least finish Daughter of the Forest by Juliet Marillier, since I’m only 27 pages away from the end.  I also intend on getting as far into A Passion For Books as possible.  Since I haven’t posted since last night, I’ve done quite a bit of snacking.  I started off with breakfast tacos this morning, then wasabi flavored seaweed, and bit later, Newman O’s and a glass of chocolate flavored almond milk.  For lunch, I had veggie burger sliders with what my boyfriend calls “fork fries”.  Now I’m eating a couple Walkers shortbread cookies with a cup of tea that my boyfriend made for me because I started getting very sleepy.

Total hours: 16 and 10 mins.

Total pages: 457

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