You Only Spent How Much?! #1

Since so many other bloggers share their book hauls, I decided to join in, but with a slight difference.  I’ve never seen anyone share how much they spent on their books, which is something I’d love to know.  I’m a poor college student.  As much as I’d love to spend oodles of money on books as if it grew on trees, I can’t.  So, most of my books are free e-books I’ve come across, library books, and ARCs.  However, when I do have a little extra cash, and I have a coupon, or know of a sale, I take my wish list and my tote bag to the book store (usually Half Price Books), and I get my book shopping on.  I’m always surprised at how many amazing books I find for very little money.  I always leave with my tote bag at least half full.  On this trip, I only had a coupon for 40% off my highest priced item, but I still left the store with 4 books.  My total cost is below.

 Book Haul 1

  • Prince Lestat by Anne Rice
  • Eight Women Philosophers: Theory, Politics, and Feminism by Jane Duran
  • This Book is Overdue!  How Librarians and Cybrarians Can Save us All by Marilyn Johnson
  • The Forbidden Library by Django Wexler

Total Cost: $29.49

Do you have any book hauls that you’re proud of because of how little money you spent?

0 thoughts on “You Only Spent How Much?! #1

  1. Hi, I’m Shaina, new follower today! 🙂

    I haven’t bought books in a while (last time was at a used book barn – yes, this is a thing! – and I can’t recall the total, though it was small).

    I *did* come across a website recently called that rounds up the best of free and discounted ebook deals on the web every day. You can customize it so you only receive offers relevant to your interests! I’ve only downloaded a few so far, but it seems like a worthwhile newsletter to get nonetheless.

  2. That’s a really good haul, and not too pricey either. Buying books new (especially hardbacks) is just not wallet friendly, so I love finding deals or having coupons.

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