What I’m Reading Monday #16

Currently Reading: The Broken Sword by Poul Anderson, a review book, Villette by Charlotte Brontë, what I’m reading for The Classics Club, and Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott, for the read-along.

Broken Villette1.52.qxd Ivanhoe

FinishedCold Hillside by Nancy Baker, which I reviewed on Friday, and The Hobbit and Philosophy.

Cold Hobbit Philosophy

DNF: Elora of Stone by Jaime Lee Mann, which I wrote a DNF review for on Saturday.


Total pages read for the week: 399

Total number of books for the year: 59.  This week was much better than the last couple of weeks as far as how many pages I managed to read.  However, I ended up sleeping for most of Thursday instead of reading, and I had a whole list of things to get done on Friday before I went to a Christmas party that evening.  I then spent most of Saturday with my Best Friend.  So overall, I didn’t spend as much time reading as I thought I would.  I regret nothing though.  I really needed the sleep after Finals, I had a great time at the party, and my Best Friend is far more important to me than my page count for the week.  There’s also the added bonuses of having this whole week to spend reading, because I completed my to-do list, and I can stay up reading as long as I want and get up when I want because I don’t have any classes.  I’m going to treat the time as my personal readathon and see how many books I can finish and get reviewed before I head out to spend Christmas with the boyfriend’s family.  I would love to finish off all of my current reads before the end of the year.

What are you reading this week?

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