#ShelfLove: Pretty Please?!

showyourshelves_zps8f6e8b06-png320x480For May, those of us participating in the #ShelfLove No Book Buying Challenge are supposed to give our best “sales pitch” for why we should be allowed to buy a certain book.  So, just this once, I’m amending my decision to not buy any books this year, with the exception of using gift cards, IF I convince you, dear readers, to give me permission.  There’s a poll at the end of this post where you will have the chance to tell me “aye” or “nay”.

The book:  The Outlandish Companion, Vol. 2 by Diana Gabaldon

Outlandish 2

Why I want to buy this book:

  1. I’m obsessed with Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series (Jamie and Claire are my OTP.)
  2. I’m obsessed with all things Scottish (Except whiskey.  I’m a rum girl.)
  3. I already have Volume 1.
  4. It would help me in completing my Outlander collection.

Why I should be allowed to buy this book:

  1. It would help complete my collection.
  2. It doesn’t come out until October of this year, so it’s a present that I can look forward to getting.
  3. I will be using the money I get from my box of books that I will be taking to the used book store (My original plan was to take the box in at the end of the year for next year’s book budget).  Since this is a brand new hardcover book, that means I’ll have to fill the box, and then some, to have enough money.  In other words, I’ll be clearing off shelf space (the whole purpose of the #ShelfLove challenge) in order to buy it.  The last I checked, it was just over $28 as a pre-order.

[polldaddy poll=8835124]

The poll closes a week from now, and I’ll post the results in the next “Monday’s Minutes”.

0 thoughts on “#ShelfLove: Pretty Please?!

  1. Love that you and Terri both had Outlander in mind 🙂 I voted eye, you should buy this – on Jan 1 😉

  2. I voted ‘aye’- as long as a companion book is written by the author, it should be well worth having. ‘Should’ being the keyword- there may be authors out there who just want to cash in on their series, but I doubt it would be the case with Diana Gabaldon- her books are doorstop-size.
    ~Litha Nelle

    1. Yes, both of the Outlandish Companions are by Diana Gabaldon. I wouldn’t be nearly as intent on getting them if they weren’t. The only “companions” I get regardless of the author are ones about the Hobbit, and even then they’ve got to be really good or unique.

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