Review: Feast of Fates


  • Author: Christian A. Brown
  • Genre: Fantasy

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

This was a DNF book for me.  It was so horrible that I was debating on whether or not to review it.  However, I’m reviewing it because, unlike The Time Roads by Beth Bernobich, I didn’t DNF it because it was horribly written, but because of two back-to-back absolutely disgusting, horrifying, graphic, completely unnecessary rape scenes.  I’ve been unsettled by violent scenes in both books and movies, but this wasn’t just unsettling.  These scenes were so disturbing that I felt physically ill, betrayed by the author, and unable to move onto another book.  I had to take several quiet hours to myself to recover.  The next day I tried to continue, but a victim of one of the assaults forgives her husband and thinks to herself that it wasn’t his fault because he had been taken over by some kind of evil being.  I had this reaction:

DNF(click on the pic to watch the video)

I can’t recommend Feast of Fates to anyone, but if you decide to read it anyway, please understand that “trigger warning” is an understatement for this book.  I’m not even going to give it one star.

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  1. Welp, this author definitely got an honest review! Sorry this one didn’t work for you—it sounds pretty gratuitous. If you’re going to have such triggering scenes in your book, at least make sure they’re there for a reason!

    I think your reaction may have been stronger than the woman in the video’s, though I did enjoy it anyway. 😉

    Hope your next read is better!

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