Ivanhoe Read-Along: Week 5 Recap


We’re heading into the final week of the Ivanhoe read-along!  This week, we read chapters 32 – 38, but if you’re a little behind, that’s OK!  I’ll mark any spoilers so you can come back after you’re caught up, and the previous weeks’ recaps are below:

Historians claim there is no evidence to support Sir Walter Scott’s portrayal of the enmity between the Saxons and Normans during the time in which the story takes place.  However, some experts suggest that Scott intended to show the parallels between the Norman conquest of England and Scotland’s union with England in 1707.

[SPOILERS]  Prince John finds out from de Bracy that King Richard has returned and Torquilstone has fallen. Bois-Guilbert takes Rebecca to a Templar Preceptory, where the precept is his friend Albert de Malvoisin.  However, Lucas de Beaumanoir, the Grand-Master of the Templars is also there and has been working to reform the preceptory. He believes that Rebecca has bewitched Bois-Guilbert’s into violating his Templar vows, and decides to put Rebecca on trial for witchcraft. She is found guilty, but claims the right to trial by combat. Bois-Guilbert, who had hoped to fight as her champion, is ordered by the Grand-Master to fight against Rebecca’s champion. Rebecca writes to her father, Isaac, to find a champion for her.  [SPOILERS]

I was right about who the Black Knight is!  This week slowed down a bit, and I got just a little bit bored.  I really don’t see how the few things that happened took over 60 pages to unfold.  I’m also wondering even more why the book was named for a character that we haven’t seen throughout most of the book.

How are you enjoying the book so far?  What are your thoughts on the story, characters, setting, etc?  Please mark any spoilers.

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