A Month of Favorites: Introduction

Throughout December, Estella’s Revenge, Girlxoxo, and Traveling with T will be sharing their fave bookish (and sometimes not-so-bookish) experiences from the year and they’ve invited their readers to join in on the fun! The schedule and details are posted at Estella’s Revenge.
Today is all about introducing myself and my reading this year:
  • Favorite genre: Fantasy
  • Favorite author this year: That’s difficult to decide.  It’s a tie between the authors of two very different Fantasy books – Phil Gomm, author of Chimera Books 1 – 3, and Charlie N. Holmberg, author of The Paper Magician.
  • Formats this year: Physical – 37 (65%), eReader – 19 (33.3%), audiobooks – 1 (1.7%) I’m not a big fan of audio books, but I’m trying to get used to them for when I’m doing something (other than driving) that doesn’t allow for holding a book/eReader.
  • When I read: Mostly at night after I’m done with whatever homework I have and after the boyfriend has gone to bed.  However, I read whenever I get the chance.
  • Genre I read the most from this year: Fantasy
  • Total number of books read: 57 so far, which is 7 above this year’s goal.
  • A clue about my favorite book this year (try to guess): It’s a recent addition to my all time favorite books (which isn’t in any particular order), since it was published just a few months ago.

Will you be joining in on this Month of Favorites?  Even if you’re not able to participate, what are your answers to any of the above?  Leave a comment 🙂

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  1. I’m not a big fan of audio books either: they make me sleep! I cannot keep my level of attention. In France, they are not as popular as in English-speaking countries and I’m always stunned when I read that some people listen to them while driving 😮

    Like Alysia, I can’t choose a favorite book until the year is not finished: I always have the hope that a book is going to change it all at the last moment 😉

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