#FitReaders Check-In

  • This check-in is for April 6th – 12th.
  • If you have a FitBit, you can find me HERE.


  • Steps: 31,961/56,000
  • Miles: 13.24/25
  • Total Miles: 215.89
  • Active Minutes: 197/210
  • Total Money Donated: $0.59/$5.00

3 thoughts on “#FitReaders Check-In

    1. I was at a standstill for a bit thanks to some mess ups with Ikea’s customer service, but I finally got the Boyfriend’s dresser put together and all of his clothes organized and put away. Today I’m planning on making what is hopefully my last trip to Ikea to get the rest of the furniture we need to finish the apartment. The Boyfriend has promised me a week’s “vacation” after I finish everything and I would LOVE for that to be during the next Bout of Books in May 🙂


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