#FitReaders Check-In

  • This check-in is for April 8th – 14th.
  • My last check-in was for March 11 – 17th.  Not much changed after that, except I started a new weight loss program offered through the VA.  Also, last week, I finally met my step goal of averaging 6K steps per day.
  • I’m a little frustrated with the weight loss program since I seem to be losing and regaining the same 5 lbs. for the past couple weeks.  I’m hoping that will change soon.
  • My new step goal is to average 7K steps per day, which I didn’t meet this week.  However, I was sick with a stomach bug for about half of it, so I’m letting it go.
  • My new stairs goal is 49 flights of stairs, which I have no trouble meeting now that I live in a three story townhome style apartment.
  • Speaking of my new apartment; the complex’s fitness center is about 200 ft. from my front door, and it’s got all the equipment I need to get a good workout.  Buh-bye excuses! 🙂
  • If you’d like to add me as a friend on FitBit, you can find me HERE.
  • Yoga Workouts: 0/5
  • Steps: 36,658/49,000
  • Miles: 15.06/17.5
  • Flights of stairs: 87/49
  • Active Minutes: 102/210
  • Monthly 5K Races Completed: 1/10
  • Monthly 1 Mile Fun “Runs” Completed: 2/10
  • Total Money Donated: $13.49/$100.00

2 thoughts on “#FitReaders Check-In

  1. Yea! Sounds like other than the stomach bug (YUCK!), you have some great things going on. The weight loss piece can be frustrating! If you continue to plateau, talk to the VA leader to see how you can shake the program up a bit for you.

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  2. You had a great week! And I hope you are feeling better after the stomach bug…I had something like that going on as well – no fun…it definitely messes up your motivation. That’s great about the fitness center being so close…while I belong to a gym, I sometimes wish I had all the equipment at my house so there is no excuse to get my exercises in. Hope you have a great week!

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